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Hanging out with a couple


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Well, my brother and I hang out all the time and next semester his gf is coming to the college we currently attend. Ive tried to hang out with them before but its just so awkward because they are all lovey dubey and Im just kinda there. Ive expressed my concern to my brother, and he says he understands, but hes not gonna do anything. Its one of those blank "I understand" things.


I know before he graduated high school they hung out allllll the time and did damn near everything together. Now they still hang out and do everything together, but only when he goes home, which is every other weeked or so.


In the group I hang out with its only him and a girl in my group that have SOs and I can hang out with the other girl and her bf sometimes because they act more like friends, but as soon as they get all lovey dubey I just cant stand it.


How do yall hang out with these people because im afraid that she is gonna become apart of everything he does, which makes them become apart of everything I do.

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Well... you might have to just learn to live with it.


Family is special but eventually your bother is going to meet, or is already with, a girl he'll want to be with forever, live with, marry, have kids etc. When you first meet someone you feel like that about it'd hard not to act 'lovey-dubey' with them.


Hang out with your brother without his gf when you can, ask him specifically if you can have some time together by yourselves now and then, but be aware his girlfriend is someone he wants to spend time with too and its a completely different kind of relationship to the one you have with him.

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Yeah I know how it feels. The way i hangout with my coupled friends?? Well, I know it's rude what am I doing but when they are Lovey Dubeying I always disturb them, hek hek! Like when they are cuddling I always say "Oh, that thing might lead to unfinished studies..." Ahm I think u know what that means. Oh no yeah I'm bad! I'm bad!

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Well the thing is we hang out enough right now. He always comes over to my places and chills. If we need to study we go on campus and study. We spend plenty of time together and I dont knock him for wanting to spend time with her, but its just awkward when you sit there and they do that.


They have been together for a year and a month I figured theyd be past this already.

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