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If you take a break in a relationship for how long?


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So yea Im wondering, if you took a break in a relationship in the past about how long were you two apart and when do you know its over for good?


My bf and I got in a huge argument and we havent spoke for 4 days now..no text no calls no nothing..im just wonderling when is it ok to say yea I need to move on now..without saying its over to eachother..


and my other queastion is how did you breakup? did you make it clear to eachother its over or just got in an argument and went different ways..

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Four days is not long enough to assume things are over. Closure is always best when two people break up making sure each understands that its over. I dont think time is a good indicator of when the two of you are officially done. If the two of you dont talk for a few weeks I would suggest moving on but better than that when the two of you cool off from the argument its probably in your best interest to get in touch with him and discuss if ending things is the best route to go after all you guys shared an intimate relationship so you should have at least enough respect for one another to talk about the break up and say your appropriate goodbyes.

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I really dont believe in a break time in your relationship and am really against light switch relationships, if you break up like that its definite. Keep going back without actually fixing the problem is just going to make you go thru a cycle of despair. So either fix what is causing the problem or leave forever.

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