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Still Heartbroken and dont know what to do!

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Hi its me again,it has been 5weeks since my breakup and i stiil feel miserable. I am now off work with depression. I miss him so much and think about him all the time. I am angry at the fact that i feel like this, he has had such an impact on my emotional state. I wonder if he ever takes time time to think about how much i am hurting. I am fed up feeling like this, there is a big empty hole in my life. Although we were only together for 5months, it was the happiest 5months of my life.


I feel that i am never going to get over this. Please help!!!

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My heart goes out to you. Do you know the one single most awful thing that's even worse than trying to pull yourself together while grieving the breakup of a relationship?


Trying to pull yourself together while grieving the breakup of a relationship and losing your job in the worst recession of your lifetime.


I really-really understand the heartbreak, and I think everyone does because it's the most painful thing that anyone who's loved well has experienced, even while the absolute most healthy thing you can do to get yourself through this is give yourself 16 hours in the day to grieve and get it out--the other 8 show up at work and demonstrate for everyone there how competent you can be despite tragedy. It will be your finest hours, and you'll be proud of yourself--and you will thank yourself later for it.


I hope you'll keep journaling to this thread, and I hope you'll find some comfort here.


In your corner.

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Hi, Sorry to hear you're still in pain, I really know how you feel. I just found some answers at another forum, that really helped me. Maybe you too? The site is link removed There's also a book on how to get your ex back that's full of good answers.

Hiya, have checked out the website, get updates emailed everyday. Very helpful. Thankyou rocketscience.

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You're most welcome tulipsfav! Are you feeling any better? I hope so. Did you get a chance to read The Magic of Making up ebook? Reading that book is actually where things started to look up for me. I got it off of that other forum and it was the best thing I'd done. : ) Really. link removed

Hope all is well!

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