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Ever got a job you didn't like or felt kinda pressured into it?

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Ok well see in my native contry in Peru there isn't that much of good paying jobs like in the U.S. So anyways needless to say no I'm not really enjoying that much where I will be working at a week from now.


Our job is about sitting on a screen for hours typing english message you hear on your headphones and type on a good speed with great english level. Yes I passed yesterday's test while the ones that didn't simple don't get the job.


First at times I think I may write a different word, don't get me wrong I talk almost perfect english since I been raised in miami on the US almost all my life from the time I was 4 and it's only been 2 years of me living in my country now but even so you can still makes mistakes. Since it's base on writing what you hear on the headphones it's possible to at times make mistakes and write the wrong word and that's when the messages is wrong right there.


Ok maybe english is not the real issue since I passed the test thanks goodness but the typing more faster and with the four fingers without looking at the keyboard, ugh. I basically got this job and I'm gonna stay only out of pressure from my parents esp. my mother and off course my money (I don't know of any other high paying jobs other than this). My mother is driving nuts about my speeding type (she's the one that pressured me into getting that job). I'm typing like that right now and I'm not liking it.


Needless to say all I feel is pure pressure but if I quit or don't do that well I'll disappoint them mainly esp. my mother. I picture her yelling at me or saying things like ''Oh you just wasn't putting all your effort, etc''. No my typing speed is taking a while to go higher. At times I feel they put too much expectations from me.


Ok has that ever happened to any of you where you got the job but either didn't like it that much or felt pressured into it?

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I've taken a few jobs before that I decided to quite the next day and the original catalyst for this was my being pressured into thinking that I needed to take the job. I'm so happy that I experienced those jobs the way I did because if I decided to stay at those crappy places, I would never have experienced the employment stuff that I have been fortunate enough to go through recently.


Someone once told me that the interviews are for the interviewer, too. With that being said, you should interview the company as well. Ask questions! Become an informed person about the place you're considering working at. If you ask the right questions (and ask the right people) before / during / after the interview, you can find out quickly if the place is worth working at.


Best of luck.


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