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How will she know if i have changed?


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Probably a bit arly for me to be wondering this but part of NC is the hope that later on she will realise that you have changed to a newer you. Well if I never seee her hows she going to know. Also, someone said that if i start dating she may come checking and have renewed interest. Well she is 200 miles away and doesn't know anyone round here, can't se how she would ever find out.

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If you are doing NC to make her see you have changed and make her want you back, you are missing something.


If you are thinking about dating others just to make her jealous and want you back, you are also missing something.


The point of all of it is to heal you and get you moved on and feeling better, whether or not she is in the picture. It is always hard at first, but you really do begin to feel better once you learn to focus more on yourself and your own happiness instead of her and her interests.

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Also nem, she is currently dating someone else isn't she? How do YOU know how serious this is, and why beat yourself up worrying?


I have tried NC this week and am slowly learning about its healing properties - it means YOU are in control and no matter how much you would still like to live in the past, if they don't contact you, it truly means it has been over for some time, and we HAVE to move on.

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