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After a nice saturday evening (4th date) out with a guy, i sent him a thanks message on his cell.. didn't get any reply. Mid of the week> he casually commented on one of my pic on facebook... a day later his status read -"can't wait to have this week get over..its been a lonnnng week" .. today is the eighth day & i havn't got any call from him. Do not want to call but am anxious to know whats happening ! Shall i write a mail or message ?.. am certainly not in favour of calling.

Do leave your opinions/suggestions.. thx

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Maybe send him a text just to get it out of your system, but if he still doesn't respond, then I am in agreement with Annie - leaning towards "he's just not that into you"... Unfortunately. I mean I think if you've gone out 4 times, he should know now whether he is interested and if he is, he should be showing clear signs - 8 days without proper contact is unacceptable if you ask me.




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When you say you sent him a "thanks" message, was it a text? It's possible he didn't receive it, and maybe he's wondering why you haven't been calling him. And, one thing I've definitely learned is that the phone works both ways and if you aren't hearing from him, he just might be sitting by his phone waiting for you to give him a ring.

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i'm really curious though how well you connected. if the last 4 dates have been amazing with chemistry and fireworks, then give him a call. but if it's been kind of 'eh', then maybe he's just not too interested? and why bother persuing 'eh', know what i mean?

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He did say he couldn't wait for the long "difficult" week to be over so it seems it was a tough go with some things. And amongst whatever going on he did make the effort to connect with you in some sort of way, even if just by commenting on your photo...


Why not just mention (email) that you read what his status said and if he wants to talk a little about the week or have some de-stressing, fun down-time that you'd very much welcome him to give you a call.

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The date was good... infact, since i was in hurry & couldn't stay long, he kept on saying that next time we'll definitely go out for lunch or dinner. He insisted on dropping me right in front of my door, though didn't come in.

Havn't heard from him since then, except that li'l comment on my photo.

I don't want to appear desperate or needy, so decided against calling. I know he had a tough week but he didn't contact me even on saturday!

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