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Just how bad it it to snoop? In my opinion, this is the way most people find out that they are being cheated on so is it really that bad? Of course it might be a violation of trust to go looking for something, but surely it is easier to forgive snooping than it is to forgive cheating.


Personally, if I had nothing to hide I wouldn't be offended if someone I was with did a bit of snooping.

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i think if somebody has a really strong feeling that something isn't right...in cases where the phone is on the table and it rings or vibrates, they check it....or if an e-mail is open on the screen when one turns on the monitor....or when one looks at shared bank records....that type of snooping is okay to me. deliberately hacking into am e-mail account or something, i would never do even if i were suspicious.

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Well-- my ex cheated on his previous girlfriend for over a year with me before she snooped through his things and found a years worth of gifts, letters, pictures of his relationship with me and hadn't "stooped to snooping" until then.


I looked through his phone twice-- and both times found suspcious texts. He's now my ex. When I confronted him the first time he said "Please trust me," and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The second time he said, "I can't do this if you're not going to trust me." and I said "Well thank god I don't!!!"


My friend snooped thru her BF's facebook and found out he had been telling other ppl he was single.


I don't know, if a boyfriend looked thru my journal or emails I might be mad because I talk about my feelings a lot and it would feel embarassing. But my phone and my other personal effects, I really wouldn't care b/c I'm not hiding anything. I walked into the room and my ex had my phone open and I was just like "whatcha looking at?" I seriously did not care at all.

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