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I believe I am healed!

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Didn't think I'd be writing this post. My gf and I broke up last August and I have been struggling to get over it. I think today, I can finally say, I AM OVER IT.


I logged into my T-Mobile album today, not thinking that a picture of her might be there, and sure enough a picture was. AND I FELT NOTHING!!!!






I seriously can't believe this day has come. Thank you God! I have to credit God and NC as being the two biggest sources of helping me get over this.


I spent a lot of time trying to avoid seeing her, talking to her, etc. I felt initial anxiety from seeing her but then after I saw her just now I realized my feelings were GONE (or at least to the point where it doesn't hurt anymore that it's over and completely manageable.)


I'm so happy. And I was pretty much at the brink of wanting to kill myself back in August. This just shows you the power of NC. Yes, there will be times when you will hurt. But eventually you WILL get over it. Take it from me, I'm highly sensitive and emotional, and was a complete train wreck when she rejected me.


Thank you ENA! Just wanted to share the great news!

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Great news for you buddy...I know it takes time and it hurts as I am going through the same thing.


Your post is inspirational and makes others know it does get better.


One thing i can't help thinking though is now that you are over her, this is the time she is probably gonna re-introduce herself into your life hehe, or at least attempt to.


I've seen it happen...

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