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Alright ill try to make this as unconfusing as I can.


Note that all three of us are 23 right now.


So back in high school (and just after) my friend and my girl dated for about 3years. I didnt know her back then, other than she was dating this buddy of mine. Everyone pretty much teased they were to the point of marriage because he disappeared while they dated, and never brought her around. While they were dating he got her a job through one of his family memebers. To this day she still works there. Sometime after that he broke up with her and she was pretty devistated. So fast forward 3 years...


Me and her hit it off at a party. Me and my buddy, we still talked on and off through the 3 years after their break up, but we werent really close or anything. but anyway I ran it by him to see how hed feel about it (me dating her), and he was completely fine with it. So me and her have been dating the better part of 6-7 months and besides the basic arguments and fights things have been really good. I havent really heard from him since I talked to him about it, and from what I hear hes got another girlfriend. So I have no clue if thats why hes been MIA or if he quietly doesnt wanna deal with me and my girl dating.


So fast forward to this past tuesday. She gets news that hes coming to work full time at the same place he got her the job at. So little to say we both kind of freaked out for our own selfish reasons and got into a huge argument over the phone. Im really not comfortable with her now working side by side with her ex, but thats not entirly what I told her. I did say that in a smaller version, along with saying this is the exact drama I didnt want to deal with if we dated. As she put it, now "shes going to be seeing him more a week than she sees me". She claims shes freaking out because of how badly their break up was, but she doesnt seem to understand at all why this effects me. She seems to think the only problem is the fact that im not just consoling her because she has to deal with this at work. We havent really talked much since. That went on for about 2 1/2 days. Now that in itself is a pretty big deal considering we havent gone more than half a day without some sort of communication in the past 4-5 months even if its a simple good morning, goodnight and so forth. Even if we were in an argument.


So this afternoon she sent me the always dreaded "we need to talk" text. My initial thought was break up just because in my past thats always what that text or words meant. I dont think thats a big option right now tho because of whats going on in the month of may. We have a 5 day vacation planned and paid for. Concert tickets the next weekend paid for, and a weekend thing with our mutual friends the following weekend set. So thats too much to mess up for a break up right now over something that shouldnt have escolated into as big of a problem as it did (at least I think?).


So my guess is she wants to try to smooth things over, which is what I want too. However, how do I go about this problem? I understand dealing with her ex coming to work with her is a big deal for her, but am I completely wrong for having any issues of my own? Im not telling her to quit her job, or that its her fault hes coming to work there or that im going to break up with her, but I also dont need her telling me I have no reason to have any issue with anything. I mean technically im still friends with him, I am still dating her, and they were all but married until he left her, I mean this brings into my life a whole new set of drama issues that I thought was going to be avoided when we started dating.

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