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Do men get intimidated??? read on


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I am seeing this guy who is 8 years younger than me. Anyways, we really hit it off. But he didn’t seem to inititate when we would get together again only that it would be soon. So, I finally asked when, and we set a date. Anyways, he really seems to like me but he never initiates it so much. So, I finally told him in so many words that he is the only guy I am sleeping with. He seemed happy with this bit of information, as he probably thought he wasn’t. Anyways, after being so direct, I decided that its probably the best way to go with him (he is somewhat reserved, and he hints at a lot of things but doesn’t come out and say it) So, I pretty much asked him if he would want to get together more often. Well, of course I was nervous because last time I asked a guy this, he said " He wasn’t looking for a relationship like that" but I was happy that this one took me up on it. The thing is, he doesn’t initiate us getting together really. So, it looks like I will have to bring it up most of the time. So I am thinking that either 1) He was intimidated because I am older, forward, etc. 2) He might have been wondering the same thing I am (how many other men/women is she/he sleeping with? Am I the only one?) Anyone have experience with this?

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It may be that he's doing that guy thing and not wanting to seem too keen! lol! Although from what you say he sounds a bit more sensitive than that.


Maybe he is just waiting to see the lay of the land, doesn't want to stick his neck out there, maybe he has been burned or disappointed when he has done that in the past.


As time goes by and he feels more comfortable with you this will probably change

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