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Im confused...what does this mean??..


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ok...so my girl cheated on me while on a trip with friends...i knew it so i broke up with her theday before she gets back....she agreed...ok...so she gets back and her and the guy she cheatedo n me with start dating...this has been a week ago...ive had NO contact at all with her. Yesturday i come home from work and fall asleep....i wake and look at my phone and it says private callers have called...3 to be exact....welli automatically get the assumption its her...but i ignored it

I go out to get a pizza and as im waiting for it i get a call from one of her friends cell phone that shes ALWAYS with....but it rings once and then hangs up....so i just text her back with a "?", and thats it. Well i get no response so about 4 hours later i text back asking what she wanted cause no one calls someone and lets it ring once then hang up and not answer a text, and i still got no response. Not to mention she deleted me off her myspace 2 days ago..

What do you think is going on here??? what am i to think?? and what is she doing??

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For one you don't know that it's her. You're reading too much into nothing.


Should it actually be her she's immature. Not to mention a cheating little trollope. Forget her dude.


Why on earth would you keep texting over nothing? Whether you think it's her or it is her why waste your time?!? Silence sends a much more powerful message and makes her think stuff like, “Wow, I really am a cheating skank and he hates me. I’m such a pig HO, I feel so $lutty…” Ya get it now.


You jumping whenever she texts or calls or whenever you think she does says, “He’s hurt and still loves me. I’m special. I'll just stroke him along while I have random sex with whomever...”

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