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Perspective on a friend-is he a user or genuine person


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i have a friend, he is generally a person who is really political and does not get to close too people fast and even so keeps them guessing.


I like meeting new people and trust people and take them at their face value. If someone asks me for help, i happily agree too be there.


now i have been friends with the above person for a while like over a year and we have a good friendship..according to me .


We guys just generally hangout almost a few times in a week , but recently i have been really busy at work, so i have not been in touch with him for a while.


I have noticed though that he hasn't bothered to call up or anything ??


Now i am having doubts whether he really is a genuine friend or just a user!!


Like he takes all his music off me and i really have never refused , i have helped him out in a few personal matters as well.


I am getting this feeling that as if he just wants to hangout when it is convenient for him .


I did give him a call today as it is Friday in my part of the world, and i got off work early. He has not called back as yet ..but i am giving him the benefit of the doubt at the moment .


I am feeling a little crappy , because my dad is suffering from cancer and its got me down a bit. I am generally a strong person and handle my own affairs its just that at the moment i wanted some time off, from the tension in my head.



DO YOU THink he is a user and so i should not give him any importance more than an acquaintance or carry on like it is.




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With this little information it is difficult to comment on whether or not he is a user. It certainly sounds like he is a bit more self-centered and can't be bothered to call you to see if everything is okay. Does he know your father has cancer? Have you ever asked him for help in any way? Does he ever do favours for you? A user will always depend favours and will rarely offer favours. If you ask a user for a favour they will either refuse or do it very grudgingly.

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