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Appreciate advice on girl issue please.


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Sorry long post!


I met this girl a few weeks ago. I know most of her friends and we met through friends. We didn't really talk first cos she's cute and tries to act cute, and I would the type of person who gets a little suspicious when I meet someone like this - "What's the catch?" etc. So I kept my distance for a while, seeing how she interacted w/ her friends etc.


The thing is, I tend to get on well with her girl-friends (and most of our mutual friends in general) and I suspect they must've put some good words in for me, cos last sunday she invited me to go round to her friends' for lunch.


And we spent a good deal of the afternoon chatting - she loves to talk and I prefer to listen; but she was also interested in me and kept me involved in our conversations instead of just incessantly talking about herself (which would be one of the biggest turn-off for me), and I felt comfortable. Even when I was talking w/ other friends I caught her checking me out using my peripheral vision (haha). Like, real quick glances as if she was shy or something. And she seemed to feed off my attention, and therefore she had a pretty good time.


On the way home I thought it felt real good. I'm going to be seeing her again this weekend and my question is really how I should approach this. I could ask her out for a date but I don't want this to get awkward - u know, like, too eager. Given it feels right I would be happy if just let things happen, but she's attractive so I should find suspicious thoughts going through my head, like, "She can't be for real," "She must have just wanted some attention", etc. So I should think I said to myself, "If we meet up the next time, and the time after next, and she's still interested, then it would be a good indication that she's really interested. Then I'll ask her out".


Of course, if she asks me out before then, it's great. But I would doubt a girl like her would do that.


Does this sound like a plan?

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It sounds like a plan...but a very convoluted plan. You two got along...why not ask her out the next time you meet. Why wait. I think if you wait you will keep finding excuses not to ask her out. Your insecurities need to be dealt with...you can wait until you meet up with her 5 times and still imagine that she is not sincere because those are your own hangups which are blocking you from acting. Deal with your hangups and just ask her out...don't expect her to wait for you or to ask you out instead.

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