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My ex is creeping me out

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A little background: I dumped my ex 6.5 months ago because he was treating me badly.


He tried coming back many times but I wasn't having any of it. I stood my ground and I'm really glad I did. I'm happy now.


Anyway, my ex seems to come by my house once a month. I can tell because there's snow covering the ground and well... there's nobody else who would wander through the gate to my backyard, up to my bedroom window, and turn around and walk away.


He used to say (back when I talked to him) that he would knock on my bedroom window to get me to talk to him, but I said I would call the cops if he did.


This time it creeps me out because it happened last night, and I'm alone in this big empty house that creaks a lot... and I'm sure he can tell I'm alone because I only bothered to shovel out my car and not the entire driveway.


I guess I'm just venting, but is this normal ex behavior? It's been 6.5 months. He doesn't call or anything, he just wanders up to my window. Psycho much? I mean, duh, there's friggin snow... he's not the brightest guy around but wouldn't he think I would notice his footprints?

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Unfortunately, no.


Should I call him up and be like "You creep, stay away from my house! Etc etc etc!" or something?


He can't see into my room or anything because my blinds are so thick. So I assume he's just checking to see if my lights are on, but who cares??? ... I don't get it.

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