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Hi everyone.


I'm not sure what to say. I found this forum when I googled "Lost in Life". I have been extremely depressed over my job loss, bad life choices and the loss of my fiancee' (she ran off with another man, months before the wedding).


at this very moment, this morning... The depression is almost unbearable. I'm so very tired and so very lost. I have no purpose anymore, no woman to love, no home to go to. no job to pay the bills, no family to turn to. How i wish someone would knock at my door, take me out to coffee and let me fill my cup with tears.



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Here's a big hug from Indiana!!!


Sometimes out of life's darkest moments are born the seeds of a better day.


I hear you! I was very much in despair 5yr ago and wondered how things would ever get better than that moment... but you know what? They did. There were days I couldn't get out of bed and didn't and days I thought what was the point but I am here to tell you that my life is far from perfect but I'm happy... really happy...


Hang in there - peace and love

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