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Yet..confused once again


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Ok I'm still confused, I can not tell if she likes me anymore. Today I did a little test to find out.


I put my journal on my desk and went to the restroom. (She USE TO always put my journal up without me asking for her too.) Well I came back and found that she was puting the journals up for everyone on same side of room as me EXCEPT me and my friend (mine was still on my desk). Now i was planning to ask her out today, but that made me back away and give it more time and look for more signs.


Well I only got one sign today that she MIGHT like me but, it is probaly because she is just nice. I let her borrow and pencil, and when she threw it back to me I knocked all the papers off my desk, she laughed and was the only person to laugh in the class, and she quickly offered to help pick up my papers.(that isn't much of a sign but it is all I've been getting from her latley.)


I'm confused again, I thought friday when she told me she was mad at her mom, had cleared everything up and she still liked me, but maybe she told me that because she didn't have her friend to talk to in that class.


I need ya'lls help, do you still think she likes me? (I know this isn't much to go by) Put anything else you want in, I don't care call me an idoit for not been able to read signs, I don't care anything is better than nothing. If you've been in this same situation before, and have expiernce with this that woudl be great.


Thanks, Cya'll Later.


P.S. Please read my other 5 or 6, I can't remember how many, post about this same situation before posting here.

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Hey, yeah I've been keeping up with your posts from day one. I was hoping/thinking you had it "in the bag" with her. But I guess not. She seems to be sending you some odd signals, can't quite tell whether she likes you, huh? Ok, so you are sure that she knows you like her? And are you positive whether or not she likes you? If you think she wouldn't go out on a date with you yet, then just hang out with her. It can be just as friends, but keep hangin with her and once you really think she likes you pop the big question, ya know? Atleast give it a try, don't give up, you've come along too far! Keep us updated and the best of luck!

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