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Feeling low.


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For lots of reasons...was away attending a conference the last few days. Don't know why I expected ex-bf/current 'friend' to call and wish me luck for my presentation. Seems to me he only calls when he needs something. Plus, the fact I don't know what I want to do after I finish my Ph.D in a few months- love my work but just need a break from it I think.

All my friends seem to be settling down and the fact that I don't have anyone special to call after anything good just adds to it all. Just needed to vent...

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Wow, congratulations on nearly finishing your PhD!


It hurts to be let down by those we care about, but it's great that you're not letting this get in the way of your life.

Good on you for going to the conference. How did the presentation go, anyway?


OH, by the way-- at age 25 and a blossoming career, don't worry your pretty head about settling down just yet.

You've got plenty of time! The right guy will come when the time is right.

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Thanks, it was pretty good.


(if there was a thumbs-up emoticon, I'd be putting it right here).


The trouble with finishing the Ph.D is finding a job afterwards Maybe a year off wouldn't be such a bad idea.



Hey, if you can afford to do that, why not.

If you have an advisor, it might good to talk to them about the best way to manage your career after graduating.

If it's important to start networking for a job now, then be sure not to fall behind.


If you do decide to take time off, there might be some good internship or work-related volunteer gigs that will keep you busy and learning, and maybe even traveling, before entering the workforce.


The world is your oyster!

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