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ive been wondering why this happens to me all the time. every time I see a girl I l get to know her then after a while she either starts liking another guy and I am unfortunate because she’s the one who asks me to come meet him or she tells me about him. The other thing is she will lead me on until she finds a guy she likes then starts doing the above mentioned, telling me about him, meeting him etc etc. I don’t know what I do to deserve this. Im not a mean person, I’d like to think im nice in general and I like helping people. Worst was being led on solid for 3 months till my friend helped me out of that one but im not going to get into that one now


Latest one to do this to me was this girl I previously got to know. We kept trying to organise a time and place to go out but stuff happened all the time. And she looked so keen to go out, but now we finally got a day to go (which was supposed to be yesterday) and on the Tuesday she still checked to see if we were still on. yesterday she cancels and says she cant make it because of the traffic (which is understandable the traffic is horrible considering the time we were going to meet) so I said fine, I understand, then she invites me to a get together that her and her sister are hosting at a pretty decent place not far from me tomorrow (Friday).I agreed. but she said stuff about me not being the only one that doesn’t know many people there but she hopes I can come so we can sit around and chat, have a few drinks etc. but then she also said she would like me to "meet some guy, who seems pretty nice, and he's doing a major in psychology..."


Now from what she said, (those words and more) I think she likes this guy but wants me to meet him why? I mean if she knew I liked her (which by now m sure she knows it’s obvious) why would she try and probably show disinterest in me by introducing me to a guy she probably likes? Imo if she wanted to be straight with me she could have just told me there and then that she sees what im trying to do and all she wants to be is friends. Im not even sure if i should go or not. She looked keen on me coming but she will probably be giving her attention to this guy


shes a pretty decent girl and i do like her very much

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Have you told her that you want to establish a relationship with her or did you just hang out and expect her to read your mind and know what you're up to???


This happened to me numerous times - I meet a girl, we go to a few "dates" and then I get an SMS telling me "wow, I think I'm in love", of course I start thinking that it's me because I think that she knows that I don't want us to be just friends, but then "It's so nice to fall asleep after having great sex and play with his hair"... @%#$@^#$??? Well, that means I'm just a friend, a very close friend, and then I finally knew that I should have told her that I want us two to be more than just friends...


Rememmber - she's unable to read your mind, just because you're meeting her with the purpose of establishing a relationship, does not mean that she automatically knows it, nothing will move to that direction unless you TELL her that you want something more...

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