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Ran into ex's parents...

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My ex's parents LOVED me. Not to sound too modest or anything. But I had a lot of fun with them, they were role models to me and my ex, and they knew me very well. It was a blast every Sunday we went over there for supper and for the holidays.


Well when their son broke up with me (of 2.5 yrs) I didn't get a chance to say good bye and I didn't even see them. Oh wait, his dad seen my melt down when my ex was moving all of his stuff out for our place. (That wasn't very pleasant).


I ran into them at my work. I almost crashed into them coming out of my office. I saw them and all these emotions surfaced. They were both happy to see me (or appeared to be) and his mom gave me a really big comforting hug. And we exchanged small talk. I smiled so big and was so happy... And out of no where when they walked away I started to bawl. I ran to the bathroom and just let it go. I missed them so much. It was so unexpected...


When you break up with your "other" you let go of all the fantastic people that go along with them. But seeing them, and saying goodbye to them FINALLY... it helped me become stronger.


I don't really know what the point of this thread. But has anyone else have situations like this happen to them?

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I know what you guys mean... I wasn't VERY close to my ex's parents because he moved to my country to be with me for 2.5 yrs... but for a week I visited him back in his home country earlier this month (he went back there in Dec last yr & we conducted LDR since then, after 2.5 yrs) and stayed at his parent's place.. and got along so well and bonded with them.. my ex actually told me his dad said he really likes me!


and now.. ka-poof.

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