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Nicknames for guys! (besides 'cute' & 'babe')


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Ive been told that guys in general dont like to be called 'cute'. I supose cute can be many many things.



Whats another term? What do you call you SO?


Do you call your SO 'babe', 'baby', or 'hun'? What else is there?



I sort of said this guy was 'adorable'. He asked what i meant. I found a definition online, which fitted perfectly:


"Describes someone who behaves with a certain irresistible charm. Irresistibly charming, sweet,funny, and just totally cute in a way that makes you sigh"

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sweetness, gorgeous, darling, sweetheart!!! Anything but bloody 'sweetpea'. I hated that! One of my ex's called me that It just reminds me off peas I have with my pie n chips.


haha, that was what one of my exes used to call me. We rarely even called each other our real names. Only when one of us was in trouble for something!

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no problems with those at all... now "cute"... UGHHHHHHHHHH or anything remotely sugary or feminine =;


haha, yeah i was getting the feeling this guy wasn't too keen on cute but he still smiled at it.


is sweety and hun/hunny bad too? ive only used hun.


Ive tried to change it to sexy. lol.


and yet he constantly calls me cute. doesn't bother me. lol.

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Really now So going "hey stud" would all be good?!


I might be going over board by saying "hey great & fearless warrior!" dontcha think?


Oh I do that sort of thing in sarcasm. One guy I am friends with I call the "virile and powerful"...

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