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Anger issues

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It could be so many things. ?


For me, it was for sure some deep seated issues popping up. For you, maybe not. Maybe something very simple.


But basically, for myself, I practiced retraining the way I related and deal with things now. Since my anger was a result of a combination of keeping-things-bottled up and physical exhaustion; dealing with issues and feelings as they first come up and taking better care of myself has been a great help.


The trick I found for really working with it is to catch it before you get snappy. Noticing when you start to feel "off". It takes some practice to catch it before the mood really sets in, but gets easier the more you do it. Then I'd ask myself what was up? basically: sometimes something was bothering me, or I hadn't eaten enough that day plus real tired, or it could be so many simple things. So it is basically taking care of personal needs carefully and deliberately, at least for a while. Even just realizing some possible reason why helps me keep it in check and size it down to managable.


And when the anger would take center stage, it may sound silly - but my method was:

Remove myself from the situation if possible, even if it means just walking to the next room or away a bit.

Or simply take a moment wherever you are and take some deep breaths,

then I'd do a count:

From 1 to 10, slowly, start over again if other thoughts pop up, just think of the numbers and the pauses in between each one,

and then from 10 to 1 same way,

as many times until I felt calm again.


You'd be surprised how easy it sounds but how many times I'd have to start back from 4 to 5 or in between numbers because my brain was straying to how angry I was or what was going wrong.


Anyways, hope that helps some and you feel better soon. Anger is so draining, isn't it. Not fun.

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Yeah I use to be exactly like that and now doing much better. For me I learned that it wasnt the little things that made me snap but deeper issues that were bothering me in my life and I just used little things as a gradual outlet for my anger. Resolving the major issue helped 99%. Not sure if thats your case but it was mine. I dont think diet would have that much to do with it.

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Has anyone dealt with this? I snap so easily at the smallest things. How did you change yourself?


On a side note could it be something I am eating/not eating that is making me snappy?


Caffeine, too much stress, perfectionist traits applied to others... there's lots of different reasons for a short temper.

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IAG - yep, I notice it for sure when there's a day I will have a short temper. I feel kind of tired, and a little blank... meaning not really caring a lot about anything. Like there's an emotional void.


I try to work from home and avoid responding to people if I can hold off.

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This is excellent advice, OP I too have issues with anger, and I hate snapping at family members or friends. The best way to go about it is to be aware of your thoughts constantly. You have to focus on staying calm and it gets easier.


It takes time, and patience. And sometimes, just being by yourself for a couple minutes a day will help. I like to sit in my car after lunch for 4-5 mins, to listen to either music or something calming before going back in to work.

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Is caffeine really a trigger? I never heard it could cause anger...Maybe i need to cut down my intake


I've discovered caffeine amplifies feelings. So has my BF. Whatever you are feeling, it makes it that much more.


But caffeine withdrawal can make you grumpy, so don't just go cold turkey!


Edit: it doesn't CAUSE anger, but if you're having a bad day, it does seem to make a lot of people more likely to fly off the handle. I myself find caffeine loosens my inhibitions - I say and do things without thinking about them, if I am happy or sad or angry. Generally on days when I get myself in trouble, inevitably caffeine has been ingested (I rarely drink caffeine. Went without it for 5 years but have had to break my rule and have green tea occasionally lately due to lack of sleep)

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I've discovered caffeine amplifies feelings. So has my BF. Whatever you are feeling, it makes it that much more.


But caffeine withdrawal can make you grumpy, so don't just go cold turkey!



So thats what I was going thru on weekends. I drink coffee all week except weekends and I had the most painful headache last Saturday!!! I didnt know what was causing, and this makes sense becasue the pain stopped when I took a migrane pill w/ over 200mg of caffeine...suffice to say it, I was very very grumpy all weekend.


Thank you!

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I have the exact same problem and had for a number of years now. Its affecting my marriage.


The ladies at work have brought it to my attention that it could be my birth control. After research and talking with my doc its very possible!


I start a new kind this Sunday and I can't wait! My doc recommended the nuvaring but I'm not comfortable with that.


I hope I notice changes!

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