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I have couple.

My friend dated her husband for awhile despite him knowing that she is the one for him. But my friend was not so sure. She broke up with him for a year and date another guy. Her husband was disappointed and kept praying she will come around. He did date other women, but they were not the ones he wanted. Finally, my friend came back and they dated for couple years and got married 2 years ago. They're are the cutest couple I've known. 

My parents dated for a few months before going their separate ways. Fast forward to several years later, my mom rang up my dad and asked him on a date. They dated for the next 2 years and are happily married. 

Mom said said she never thought my dad was the man for her, but sometimes, life works out funny. 

I pray I'll get to share my story here someday, but times will tell. 

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