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Hello, I greatly appreciate all your advice concerning my relationship. Okay, I have regrouped etc. and we are talking and things are back to normal. This coming saturday she has a formal at her school, we discussed this and her best choice was to take a good friend so there was no romantic pressure, i agreed. I can't really bring up the topic of us dating during this week, can I? I think it would be akward to plan a date two weeks in advance and I realize I should and will just wait it out. But in the meantime what type of things do we talk about and how do I go about conversation and telling her I want to pro-long our relationship. I just don't feel comfortable talking to her about it becasue on saturday she will be at her formal. Any tips or advice??? Thanks again! Maverick

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Hi Maverick,


No, it is not silly to plan a date 2 weeks in advance. It shows that she matters to you and you are making the effort to plan for it.


It will be hard for you to discuss affairs of the heart at her formal, so don't. Speak to her when you folks are out together. Just let her know that "you are someone special to me". That is one magical statement without sounding too strong.


Take it from there dude. All the best!

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