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How do i stop cutting?


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In the past i would cut my self maybe once in two months. It would take alot to get me to the point of cutting.

Now, it seems like i get triggered to do it like twice a week. I start to hyperventilate and panic. It feels like cutting is the only thing to calm me down. Its over stupid things to. Mostly if i get disappointed by someone important to me or if i get upset and decide that i dont want to be open about it.

I cant be open any more really. I feel like it is automatic for me to just hide it all with a smile. It kills me inside to fake for every person i know but i dont know how to stop.

I really need help.

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The problem with cutting is that it can or does leave a scar. So, when you get better you are so going to have that mark with you. Obviously, the other problem is that you might one day decide to push down.. a bit too hard.


Very rarely I will end up slapping myself hard enough to bruise my jaw or a few times have clawed myself to the point of bleeding.. so I'm not one to judge that is for sure. I'm just more afraid than you are of anybody finding out.


Maybe one option would be to get a punching bag or punch a few pillows on your bed. That could get the shear frustration out a bit. I guess the difference between you and I is that you are probably not "exploding" or very energetically being destructive. I would imagine there is more .. uh.. finesse..? with cutting instead.


You could make a list of things that are better to do than cutting and then try to do those things on the list from top to bottom. So like: walk, run, sing, breathe deep and slow, eat food, scream, punch pillows, call somebody, tie your hands together and sit in the closet.


Even if the last one sounds silly I will freely admit basically chaining myself to my bed post once. If that is what it takes to avoid that impulse need.


Also, you could go talk to the counselor at your high school and I'm sure they would be glad to help you or refer you to somebody who can.


Another thought though, what is so bad about panic? If you do all of the above, and can't shake it still, just let yourself panic and don't force yourself out of it. The feeling usually passes within 30 minutes.

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Go and see someone for therapy or counseling. Find the root of why you harm yourself.

It's not uncommon, and you are not whatsoever alone with it.

PM me if you'd like to talk, been a self harmer since roughly 7/8, so I can relate. x

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