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paying school loans when you dont have a job?

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I have a job, but it is minimum wage at this point, I have been looking for work since June and this was the best I could find. The thing is, my student loan amount that I owe doesn't go anywhere. And Its bothering me that I cant pay this off right now.


I am at least making the payments, and maybe a little more each month, but is there anything else I can be doing to get this amount lowered? I don't know if there are lower interest rate loans I could be getting, to pay off this one? I am not sure!


any suggestions!?

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I don't know about America but in the UK a student loan is the lowest interest loan you can get. Mine is at just over 1% at the moment, well was but I paid it off in full. Stupid really cos if I left it in the bank I was getting 2.5% interest ><. so don think getting another loan will work out.>

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My loan is through the bank, so it is not the lowest interest rate. My parents made too much money at the time of the loan, and so therefore... I could only get what I could get. If I was 'poor' in california terms I could have got all sorts of CalGrants, but thats another story!


Should I defer the loan payments and make the interest payments? As soon as I find another 'good' job I plan on paying it off as soon as possible! Which was the plan, but the economy didn't think so!

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