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Did I mess up?


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Hey, I need some insight on what happened yesterday. Specifically women, I want to know if you think there's something there.


So, after class I happened to start talking to my crush. Since we take the same train, we talked for like 10 min or so, maybe more. Anyways, we mainly talked about skool and how we didn't like our teacher and stuff, but some things caught my attention. I made her laugh a bunch of times to the point that made me wonder "is she a little into me?" Then, she asked me y I take the long way to the train instead of taking the short cut. I though that this is a good sign since it could mean that she's been watching me and thought about me before. Finally, when she asked me what year I'm in, and I said Junior she guessed my age. When I corrrected her she said "oh ok me too" or something like that which made me think that she wanted to know if I was around her age group.


Anyways this is where I messed up. The train came and we got in, and when I heard that it wasn't stopping in my stop, I said "laters", she said "see you" and I left. I could have stayed and gotten out and walked home but I didn't. I don't know if this was a good idea or not. On the plus side, it did give her a chance to "miss me".....(Ok that was lame, I know). So, do u think that I have a chance?

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You seem to be overthinking this. She was probably being friendly and who knows, she may like you, but don't look at every action you do with her as "right" or "wrong", you'll make yourself crazy! I would keep initiating conversation at the train stop or wherever and just see how it goes. Good luck

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whoa whoa whoa whoa kiddo!


Cool it down mate


Step one - see if she likes you (do you make her laugh - smile happy etc...? CHECK


you do!


Step two - see if she would like to go on a date - don't call it one (well you can (up to you)) but see if she would like to go somewhere with you


Take it one step at a time mate. You're thinking too much! ^_^


Good luck! She sounds nice


(i also hated my teachers at school! haha (well....some were ok



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Aw man, when I was writing it, I thought that it sounded good, good enough for somebody to say that she is attracted to me atleast a little bit. Oh well, this just means I gotta talk to her some more and try to get to know her on a personal level.

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I made her laugh a bunch of times to the point that made me wonder "is she a little into me?"


Dont read too much into this. Just because a guy is funny doesn't mean she likes him. Who doesn't like a good laugh/a entertainer clown to amuse them?


Your over-analyzing the situation. Yes you have a chance but please remember that SHE ISN'T THE ONLY GIRL OUT THERE. You'll get one-itis and chase this girl to the end of the earth and she'll just push you away. Speak to her as if you don't care about whether you can date her because your such a super stud that trying to figure out if a girl likes you doesn't really matter.


I used to be shy so I know how it works. Just remember how big the world is and how your chances with any girl truly are endless.

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