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What makes life worth living?

Life Worth While
Life Worth While

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Hi All,


I am not suicidal or anything but I was wondering what is it that makes life worth living? I know this is a very personal and subjective thing to each individual, but I am really down in the dumps tonight and could really use some feedback as well as some encouragement. Thank you.

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hope and being alive.


never knowing whats around the corner- life changes quickly.






holding someone you love.


moments you share with friends and family.


listening to a great song that makes you want to sing really loud or dance.


getting a surprise phone call from an old friend.


hearing "i'm sorry"


admitting youre sorry and knowing you mean it.


learning something new about yourself.


doing something you never thought you could do


falling in love.


ice cream


your favorite meal.


feeling the sun on your face.


bare feet on cool grass.


loving yourself- really loving yourself.


feeling rain on your face as you watch 4th of july fireworks alone on a corner and feeling truly free.


thats what life is for me.

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Ive been asking myself this question alot and i really havent got too many answers. I basically just ended up with life is worth living. That basically just means that i much rather see what my life has ahead of me then doing anything to stop me from seeing if my life turns out better than what it is now. I also think even if it doesnt turn out so well i can just see that as more time to give myself so that hopefully i can make it better. I can say for me it hasnt always been easy for me to think that way but thats what im working towards.

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oh sooooooo much!


love, laughter, experiences...


being at the beach with the salty wind blowing and sun shining on your face...


snuggling in bed on a cold day with a hot chocolate...


traveling to seeing and learning new things...


just today i found joy in seeing that the robin's have returned, it made me smile. so corny, but it did.

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There are a lot of reasons that makes life worth living for. Sure, there are many times that we are faced upon hardships, but it also makes us cherish the things we do have so much more. We were bought into this world for a certain amount of time, and it's something that we should make the best of.

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My belief is that we each have a purpose on this planet, only we don't necessarily get to know what it is. When I live 'as if' I'm a steward of this opportunity to observe and learn and be moved and reach out to help the next person in some small way, then I'm not preoccupied with defining my satisfaction. The rewards come easily then. It's only when I'm hung up on my smallest expectations--what I'm getting instead of what I'm giving--that I'm lost.

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Watching anime.


Listening to killer music.


Singing and having dreams of becoming an indie rock superstar (REAL indie... not Killers or Cold War Kids)


Trying to find ways to smooth out the passagio


The days where I can beat my own high score in Raiden III


Eating high quality foods


Toiling the dirt and doing meaningful work


Swimming and exploring places


Remembering the time I spent in Hawaii


Remembering my dad


Occasionally chillin with my friends...


but yeah, it's all subjective

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Many things reaffirm myself life is worth living. It's always reaffirming to see people helping each other...it could be something like somebody helping somebody on the side of the freeway fix a flat---simple signs of caring help drag my mind away from the overwhelming negativity present in the world. For the most part, its the positive, subtle things that exert a strong message.

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I don't know.


I haven't found anything worth living for.


I have been taking each day as it comes and it has been a struggle.


the cupcakes in your avatar is what makes life worth living for me lol


On a serious note, I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I think having children makes life more valuable and worth living. Family, things you enjoy like being at the beach, playing your favorite sport, etc. There is a reason God (or whatever you believe in) put us on this earth. Sometimes it takes a while to realize it but we all have a purpose.

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