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I don't love myself...Self esteem at it


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Sometimes I wish I could be a different person. I just don't like anything about myself. I've suffered from low self esteem for a long time. I hate how I look, I feel stupid and I just don't have any good traits. To make matters worst, I always seem to be the practical joke of everything with friends or family. People constantly tease me about my looks, or about how stupid I am. I've heard this for years and it's effected my self esteem greatly.


However I don't know how to feel good about myself. How can I when people are constantly teasing me about my looks or about my intelligence. I seem to do a lot of things without thinking which has people saying things like I'm dumb,stupid and I'm really stumped. Then on top of that I went on a date a couple of weeks ago and when we finally met, the date went well but the girl disappeared shortly after. No phonecalls etc. I'm thinking it was because she didn't find me attractive..


How do I feel good about myself when I don't even love myself. I don't even like what I see in the mirror everyday when I see myself. I see a skinny,goofy looking boy with some acne on his face.. I wish I could be attractive.

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I WAS that skiiny goofy boy with acne on his face. AND I had a big mouth too!


The first thing I started to do was smile. I forced myself to smile. I started to laugh more at myself. Know this FACT: In a survey done, more women were attracted and stayed with a man longer that made them laugh. Smile and make others feel good about themselves! They can't help but feel attraction. TRUE attraction comes from within you. It's called CONFIDENCE my boy...CONFIDENCE!!


So what if she did not find you attractive. To heck with her! Not everyone is attracted to the same thing. NEXT! There are others...OTHERS that will be.


You were made the way you are for a reason. And it is ok to be YOU. Pick yourself up...dust yourself off and go try again. You will fail several times and learn from those failures till you get it right!!



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