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Getting past your ex

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I am (like most others on this section of ENA), are going through a very difficult time right now, despite being in NC for 35 days with me ex. I don't even have the strength right now to type out what has happened in its entirety, or even what happened last night that both, somehow, managed to send me back to square one, and also make me feel like I can finally move on, and it wasn't breaking the no contact rule...


BUT I did find this article online that may be of some help someone:

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These words from that article really hit home for me:


"Time does not heal all wounds. It DOES NOT. Only proactive work and changing things inside and out heals all wounds. Are you just waiting for “enough time” to go by so you will feel better? Because there is no such thing as “enough time.” There is only enough proactive choices. THAT is what moves you past."

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Nice. Proves something I have been wondering on here recently.


Time and space to deal with something. It will heal when it heals and not before, then dragging that along for months on end. It would seem that she is just not dealing with it, but instead just ignoring it in hopes that her mind will one day tell her that all is okay. I was better to move on and get on with my life. I know what happened, for someone that thought she knew what things were she didn't.


While I was in a good place with my recent break up and stringing along, I am now in a great place! Thanks for posting that!!

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