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Can I find peace?

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I was doing some thinking today, as usual. I came up with a list of what i did to try and save our marriage and what my wife did? Bear with me here....


1. Gave you space

2. Played by your timeline

3. Cried in front of you and your parents

4. Did counselling on my own

5. Changed my life around

6. Told you we would find our own place

7. Begged to do counselling together

8. Was verbally abused and torn apart by your parents

9. Sent you money

10.Cried to you on the phone

11. Have always admitted my mistakes

12. Never asked you to come back but just to do counselling


What did she do? The exact opposite, lies and once again has not even admitted to one fault...


a bit of a vent....

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have you taken responsibility for your part in where things have went wrong?


have you evaluated what you could have done differently during the relationship?


why are her parents so angry with you- you must have done something to cause that anger?





I have taken all the responsibility and have actually done stuff about it. I am the only one who actually has worked towards trying to save it. Her parents never were happy with us. They are old fashioned and I am sure they are happy its over. Plus she told them only her side and made me into a monster.

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I'm sorry you have to go through this but buddy this broad isn't worth your time. Time to Man Up and drop her like she hot. Show her the opposite side the one that doesn't seem to care anymore, doesn't send money, doesn't cry, and cut out all contact with her. Leave her thinking.


Get mad. GET FRICK'N MAD ABOUT THIS! She's a pimple on the a$$ of life. Let her and her parents pound sand. They'll all figure it out in time.

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three years of fighting and the final blow was a text message. the marriage can be saved, but its impossible if I only want to save it


What's to save? Dude I know this hurts and I feel for ya. She left the marriage, probably some time ago too. Those stories of you being a monster have been going on for awhile.


Forget her. Be a better man and find someone who deserves you.

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