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Longest Break in a Relationship


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Hmmm...over a week later and I'm still shocked and sad that he left me for an ex from three years ago. I've never heard of that before. I know people break-up and get back together all the time but three years later? Can that actually work? BTW, he is 26 now so he would have only been 23.


It makes me wonder, what's the longest break you've had with an SI? When you got back together, did it work? If not, how long did it take you to realize it wasn't going to?

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4-5 years i broke up with a girl when she was 19..i was 20...we recently started talking dating some last year...found out that every time she broke up with her current bf, she would run back to me for a few months..then go back to him again..happened twice then i finally ended it..

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Are you hoping that he comes back to you?


Stay strong. I know this hurts. Just try not to obsess about them.


Haha...yeah. It's not stopping me from looking though. If I find a guy I like, I won't hesitate to go out with him. I'm just so damn picky though so it'll be a while until I find someone I like.

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My girlfriend and I broke up the beginning of the month. I hate it, and I would love to hear some stories too. I would like to have hope that it could work still.


I wish i could answer your q.


I was left, she said it wasn't me... blah blah. I've heard that before, only this time, she has no idea who she is, and she is having a nervous breakdown... so it may be the case.


I wish you the best with your ex, if he doesn't come back, I wish you the best with the next one. I'm 26 also, and it sucks. (so is my now ex)

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