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People always ask...


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People are always asking if someone likes them how do they act.


Here is my best shot: They stand close to you, they try to work closely with you. They may try to get you alone and be very encouraging about doing things away from the group.


If you are in another work group they may personally invite you to work with their group. They drop little hints about how things are going with your outside relationship. They may even try to intimidate your girlfriend or boyfriend or cause little fights between the two of you as they are envious of your confidence in that relationship.


They will treat you different from others, they will ask you questions and try to look at you when ever they see you.


You may notice that their behavior is different when the two of you are alone. They open up with their feelings and compliment you often. You may notice that you are working with them more on a one-on-one basis.

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I agree with all the things you mentioned. I also notice when a chic is into me she laughs at my dumb jokes and is pretty touchy feely. Most definitely the one you mentioned about opening up. When I'm into someone or vice versa I open up to them. Pretty insightful stuff sister L.

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