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how attractive is similar interests


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I asked this guy at work today about his dog. He answered but then I asked him more about it and he really started talking in detail. You see I really like animals too and so we had a conversation that most people would think a little dotty. We talked about feed, their insane habits and life spans.


So do you think this increases my chances of scoring romantic points with him. we also talk alot about politics and films though we do not always agree.

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Difficult to say..there has to be chemistry as well. I have lots of engaging conversations with people but it has nothing to do with potential romantic interest. Co-workers chat and sometimes bond over common interests...but the bonding could simply be friendship bonding rather than anything deeper. You just have to give it time and see what happens.

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in general i think similar interests are important for a long term relationship whereas short terms are easier for people with an extreme difference.


for example a person who has an extreme lifestyle of constant adventure and travel may be fun around for a person who does not search for adventure and travel as it is new. however after a while it won't last as one won't be able to keep up with another.

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Having a lot of things in common is a must for me.


If it's going to go somewhere, we need to have things to talk about and do that intrest both of us.


It doesn't have to be all things because both people need their own things but there has to be something you share too.

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For me, common interests can enhance an existing attraction (based on more basic things, like physical and personality), but it cannot create attraction where there isn't any to begin with.


The classic example for me is sports - I love to play them. To me an average looking girl who is good at sports and likes to play them, becomes really attractive in my eyes.

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