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Hi everyone, my first post here...

I was just wandering have long have you been in angry stage while healing after break up? It's been little over month since my break up, bf dumped me for someone else (2,5 years LDR, he even asked me to marry him few days before that ...I found out that he was pursuing this other girl and I confronted him and that was the end, NC since then...

Now , I went through crying and throwing up for two weeks to being really angry and sad and crying again and I'm not talking about days, I'm talking about hours...this really scares me, I can be ok for 2-3 hours and then go back to crying...Now this last week I'm really angry and disgusted with my ex, but also can't believe how I trusted this guy and that's what scares me the most...I'm angry with myself and my poor judgement...wow...I feel so used and my self esteem is gone...

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It's all apart of the process. But how YOU feel and handle it is all up to you! You can push getting over it and if you hold back everything, it'll all pour out at some point. You just gotta know how you WANT to feel about it... and do it. Try taking up a hobby to take up some of that free time. You won't think about it all so much if you have things you need and want to do. I started working out after my break up... it helped a lot before and even after my break up. Talk about eye candy- I had tons of guys who hit on me and made me feel better about being single again. Not to mention, I am in the best shape of my life! Good luck!

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I'm so sorry you're going through this.

The stages of healing can overlap.. come and go in phases...there's really set terms/time frames.

Be kind to yourself right now.


The guy was garbage dressed up like something special... a wolf in sheep's clothing.

He tricked you, but not all men are like that.

Don't lose your ability to trust, but fortify your ability to trust in yourself before putting yourself back out there (in terms of dating, I mean).

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Thank you guys, I know that this shall pass too..I just pray to God that I stay strong and regain ability to trust people..

I hate being like this, hopefully this is temporary state of mind... I even sucked at work last month, didn't meet my goal expectations, I can't afford to lose a job over this...

Yesterday was my B-day , not a good day...

sorry for being pathetic..

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Thanks odile


I just can't stop thinking about what happened and how he ditched me after everything...I supported him emotionally and financially, what a fool I was It's like I have a replay button in my head and it's stuck...urrrghh...

I'm so mad and sad and everything...

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I can sympathise, as I've been there before.


Don't use the replay in your head to beat yourself up over.


It's a horrible shame, but when it comes to a serious con-artist,anyone can fall prey.

The fact that you were LDR likely made it that much easier to hide things, but even if you'd been living together, there's a chance you'd still have been duped.

People like that can be really slick. Let's just be thankful that they're a rarity.


I know that it's really difficult to stop the memories when the pain is still so fresh.

Try to utilise the "replay" it as a means to look over where you might have missed some red-flags the first time around, so that if (god forbid) you should ever come accross another like him, you'll stand a better chance of picking up on his true colours, and getting out sooner.

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