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Did I miss my chance?


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Okay, so here is my situation.

Finally started to approach this woman I am interested in. (Had trouble with that in the past). But now I am at the stage where I have to get the courage to ask her out.


I am quiet by nature and not a huge fan a massive social gatherings ( college parties, ect) and am attracted to a similar type of person. That's great but the negative side of it is that its hard to get a handle on exactly how she feels about me without asking her out.

A while ago I was pretty sure she seemed interested while I was talking to her.. it almost felt like she wanted me to ask her out...I ended up not doing it and then we didn't see each other for a week. (sprink break)


Because we are both studying in the same field (physics) and some of the problems get complicated we see each other regularly in a group style setting (solve problems). Few are the chances I can just talk to her.


However when I don't exactly know what to think. She opens up (tells personal details, ect) but won't lead the conversation and asks few questions. One thing she does do is laugh quite a bit but it also happens where one day I will talk to her for a while and the next day she may completely ignore me.

When I do see her (randomly) she will almost never initiate conversation.

I can't really pick up on anything else when I talk to her or see her to know whether she is into me or not...

It would also be different if I didn't have to worry about seeing her in all 6 (yes 6) of my classes during the week including one long night class. (all classes have 6-10 people or less).


I know that I should just ask her out.. and everytime I try it seems something comes up and I can't. (legit reason or not). I know if I don't I will regret it. So I suppose this is just more a way for me to spell out what I am thinking on "paper".


If you want comment be my guest.

I know I need to ask her out but if you can think of anyway to gauge interest let me know. This frustrates me to no end because I feel like I should then she will do something and I get frustrated everytime.


Long story short--- I suppose I need more people (all my friends just tell me to ask her out) to tell me that.

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It would also be different if I didn't have to worry about seeing her in all 6 (yes 6) of my classes during the week including one long night class. (all classes have 6-10 people or less).



Do you have Starbucks or something similar in the area you're in? I don't live in a place where Starbucks exists so excuse me if it isn't considered a 'cool' place to meet a girl you're interested in.


If you're unsure if She's entirely into you either as a classmate, friend or more maybe during a conversation you should ask her if She wants to go get something to eat / drink after class, sorta throw it in the conversation as if you just thought of it there and then? Not as a date so much, just as friendly classmates.


Maybe in neutral territory away from class She might let down Her guard some more. Keep the conversation light-hearted and sincere and flirty wherever possible. You don't want to get friend-zoned now!


If talking to Her is no more balanced and relaxed out of class than in class then you probably know the answer. If on the other hand She opens up and warms to you a bit more, then this could be a chance.


If you're too shy to ask Her alone, maybe invite a couple of classmates you're friendly with including Her.


When I was studying a couple of years ago, I would occasionally go get something from a lunch-bar or even go to the pub with a few classmates between or after classes, guys and girls alike. Just think of it like that and not a date.


Just some tips from a fella who knows how he'd do things differently if he had another chance.

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When a girl likes you things feel "right" like you two click and whether you or her starts convo doesn't matter... it flows They touch you and get excited when you are around. Usually for a girl to like you she has to have some type of emotion invested in you. If she is shy it's impossibel to tell. If you like her ask her out on a date or spend a day toegther getting to get to know each other.


You did not miss your chance. Remember if she doesn't want to date you so what? It's her loss and you've got plenty other girls to choose from


I used to be just likeyou.You have to see that the universe is HUGE and that the small insecurites/doubts you have are just all in your head.


Go for it and don't analyze. Just have fun

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