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Need advice on writing an essay for graduate school

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I've been unable to find work (with the exception of retail) for almost a year now. The job market does not look encouraging for the next year (or more), so I am in the process of applying for grad school. I've gathered all of my information together and have recommendation letters, transcripts, etc. Now the only thing left to do is write the essay.


This is where I'm hitting a major road block. I can't come up with anything to inspire myself to get this thing written. I'm a horrible procrastinator, especially when it comes to writing about myself - which I hate!!! I've got a lot to say, but all of my thoughts are very scattered and unfocused. I'm under a fair amount of stress at the moment, and feel really tired, both mentally and physically.


Can anyone share any tips for writing a good essay? I would appreciate ANY advice, or even just some words of motivation. I just can't get moving on this very crucial next step. ](*,)

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Ok--start with this.


Why do you want to go to grad school, besides the terrible economy? What fuels your passion for the area you are looking to specialize in, what past experiences have you had within your area that made you feel more certain that it was the area for you? What resources does that particular school have that would contribute greatly to your progress in the field and your research (this can be anything--a specific professor, certain facilities, etc)?


Those might be a good starting point.

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Your Statement of Purpose is probably what they care about least. Grades/ranking and GRE scores are what they look at first then they consider the letters of recommendation. If they are really good then you'll be fine, as long as you sound like a normal guy who's passionate about his field.

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