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Okay, so I'm not asking for help to hear that I am stupid and that he is a loser, I am aware but i need help.

So i've been seeing a man for a year and 4 months and as we have been together he has also had a girlfriend. he is always sneaking around with me and because they dont live together it seems to work.

He claims that she has been through alot and he cant leave her. As he tells me this I think to myself then howcome we are together if you cant hurt her and if he loves her that much. Im a mess he is thinking about getting married because he is nearly 31 and he needs to get on with life. but where does that leave me? how can I come back from this he tells me he loves me. and he is very caring and he gives me anything I need emotionally well anything I need in general

He is everything I've ever wanted I'm incredibily inlove with him. and I dont know what to do when this ends. and this isnt some kind of bull * * * * kid relationship I can safely say that this is the man of my dreams and I could NEVER picture being with anyone else. Im aware there is not alot of this kind of story on here but im sick of being the other women but I cant tell him that because i dont want him to leave me. although it is coming to the end very quickly. and no its not self esteem issues I have lots of self esteem. Ive been inlove with him since I was a little girl and even though he had a gf I still went for it because I really liked him. I've seen pictures of her and it hurts and I get nasueas thinking that I will never get to be with him. I really need help I need opinions and I know Im stupid and I've heard that all hes a loser but I need someone to be on my side and help me get through this.

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it comes down to loving yourself. Don't you think you deserve a good and honest man that can give you all of himself, and not have to share him with his girlfriend? Classic case of having his cake and eating it too. You just need to work on your self esteem and ask yourself why you would allow yourself to settle for this and be treated this way.

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Scorpion Fury is right, you need to find the strength to let him go - you deserve more than that guy and it's not right or fair for the other woman.


I think he is just afraid - guys can be like that, they rather cheat than admit that they are not in a healthy relationship and break it off. It comes down to loving yourself and realizing that you deserve better.

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