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Doctor thinks mum has a cancerous mole.

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Hi Guys,



Well, my mum went to have a new mole checked out by her docotr and he said he didn't want to worry her but he thouhgt it could be cancerous. She is being sent to a specailist to have it removed then tested.


As some of you know my dad died of cancer in 2006, I am so terrified of losing my mum. She is fit and in good health. The doctor said even if it is cancerous, it shouldn't be anything to worry about!!!!?




Sorry i only just spoke to my mum, hubbies at work so this is the first place i've come.


I'm not looking for sympathy, mainly facts if possible, does anyone know anything about cancerous moles? Can it be fatal? Will she need cemo or radiothearpay??


How can a doctor say it shouldn't be anything to worry about.


My mum was taking the news very calmly and said she will just have to wait and see, obviously I don't want to share with her how scared I am.


Any advice or facts?


Sugar xxx


Sorry about the spelling x

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My grandmother has been having cancerous moles removed from her for years now.

My boyfriend's uncle as well. He's had a few on his face, and they just remove them. There was never any..'concern' for them. Which, like you pointed out is odd because it is cancer.

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