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Gastritis please help

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has anyone on here ever suffered from gastritis?? if so about how long did it last and what were its effects. Since Feb 18 i began to feel nauseous at school which then lead me to have a panic attack. since then i have never been the same. Stomach burning gnawing feeling nausea, bloating,pressure in chest and so on. I have been to the doctor did blood test for my thyroid and h pylori both came back negative. Been put on several diff meds for my stomach as well as anxiety. Somedays i feel fine and others i just feel like crap. I was also put on a bland diet for 30 days by the doc last week. the burning and gnawing feeling is gone however i still experience constant nausea all throughout the day. pressure in my chest as though it may be gas, followed by a burp which will only make me feel better for a short period. Someone please help me with this

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