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Cats Have Hiccups?


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I've never had a cat with hiccups before... Cairo is laying on my legs just hiccuping away...


...Is this normal?


She has breathing issues (a deviated septum) if that means anything...


I hope it's nothing serious. Aside from the septum she's healthy.






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Wait Cairo's a CAT?!.. Goddammit, I thought you just had a kid young ._.


Also, yes, cats get hiccups, dogs also...




hahahahahaha, yes. Cairo is my fur baby.

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Hmmm, yeah it could be a hairball.

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My cat (pictured to the left) has had hiccups a couple of times. The first time it happened, she was sitting on my lap and it freaked me out! I actually picked her up and put her in front of her water bowl, because drinking water always cures hiccups for me


She just sat there and stared at me. Hiccups did go away, however.

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One of our cats has hiccups, and also light asthma for which she has meds. I wouldn't worry too much, unless it continues for hours in a row, or starts to happen more and more frequently.


What happens to our cat is that she eats fast while also purring (we are talking about the happiest cat on the planet), then she sometimes starts to cough, burp (lol) or have hiccups.

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