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please read and give me tips to get boyfriend back!!!!!

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I don't know where to start...

I have been in the long distance relationship for almost 2years now after I met him 3weeks before graduation. I never thought it would work. He loved me so much that he didn't mind to give up everything for me. But people always want something that they cant have, so I told him he is not good enough for me and I am so sick of him all the time. He cried so many times to get me back and he did many incredible things for me to smile. Everyone around me were so surprised that he changed into totally different person. He is in fraternity, but he didn't go out, stopped smoking, didn't talk to girls, he even changed his RELIGION and MAJOR for me!!!!!!!!!

After year, he took me to San francisco and took me luxurious trip even though he doesn't have much money, but I only gave complain and how he is annoying for me. One day, I was mad at him for stupid reason and ignored his phone call till 4 am while he tried to talk to me, he told me he cant do this anymore. Ever since then, I began to beg him and pledge him to stay with me. Almost last 6 months, we were back and forth... he wanted me back when I visit him, but break up with me after 4-5 days when I am away from him.

We were always happy whenever we see each other, but 2 weeks ago, we were in the stage where we were not happy to see each other and just wanted to leave. So we decided to take a break for a month, he promised me that he will come visit me after month no matter what. He gave me kisses and told me that he will miss me.

Right now, its been 2 weeks after I stopped contact him any sort of communication. I am dying to miss him, but it seems like for him, its really easy rather he is happy that i don't bother him anymore. I worry that for last six months of begging made him to lose interest in me at all. All the books said that no contact for a month is the first step to get him back, but I do not know if I am doing good or not. Do I still have chance to get him back?

Thank you for reading and please help me.....

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Umm, right now there is nothing you can do. To be honest, you pretty much took advantage of his kindness and really disrespected him so he has every reason not to be in contact with you. Leave him alone and give him his space. Stop thinking NC is the way to getting your ex back. THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS FOR. It may be a side effect. There are no strategies to getting an ex back. It all depends on if your ex wants to come back. I would pretty much say to you, for now, chalk this relationship up to experience and learn from it. Please don't treat the next person like you treated your ex.

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Dear. QWit

Its not like I took advantage of him, I always tried to make him happy. When I stayed over his parents house, I cooked dinner, clean the house. I sent them so many tooth paste, tooth brushes and even the best electronic tooth brushes in the market. For his b-day, I invited all his fraternity brothers and fed them to make him have best b-day cuz his birthday is always among thanksgiving week. I gave up so much for him, but I kinda got sick of him after a year. I really want this person back cuz I want to treat him right.

We suppose to meet after month later, but I dont know if I should call him after a month if he doesnt contact me or not. I want to show him that I am different person and treat him right.

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Love grows between two people only when two people respect each other for what they are. Relationships are never built on conditions imposed on others. Relationships are never built on tantrums and rackets. If he has done so much for you, he has truly loved you. If you can return his love by letting him know you care for his feelings you would have moved first step forward. Remember what he liked, remember small things which he expected you to do for him, you can start doing them now without expecting him to fall over you all again. When you do things out of pure love they work automatically. I wish you all good luck in your life.

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Dear smartalex,

I believe that he really loved me. I did so many nice things for him too. I know he would not stayed with me if I was being child and be mean to him all the time. About the show the love thing, do you think its better to keep the promise of the month of the break then be nice to him with love? I dont know if I should try to contact him or just keep the promise of month break....

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