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Morning after pill pregnancy


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Hi everyone,


I'm a little concerned! At the end of December I started BC--before I began BC me period cycle was always 24.5/25 days. I got off of BC in January and my next two periods came earlier than my 25 day cycle. Last Sunday I had unprotected sex(withdrawal method) twice. The next morning I took the morning after pill. I was due to get my period today. As far as I know I wasn't ovulating on Sunday--because it was 7 days before I would expect my period. Regardless I took the MAP to be safe. I'm scared because I haven't got my period today.. I read that MAP can delay the period a bit. But I'm still nervous. Yesterday I finally started having PMS symptoms--the bloat, slight cramping, chocolate craving, fatigue, etc. Today I'm having them too.


Is it normal to not get my period. Could I be pregnant?

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