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Contacting my Guardian angles


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I have been attempting to contact my angels for couple've weeks. I set in a youga form to keep myself warm ( I live in Michigan). I close my eyes, and ask my higher-self, and good spirits to take me to my anges, or sometimes I say I call upon you my angles, then set quitely and listen very carefully, while trying to imagen myself on a beach, and hear the water waves on my side...I also try to find that white house that I can enter and meet with my angels??? but whenever I start, I get that tinggling cold sensation starts from my lower back to my shoulders, down to my arms. and the more I wait, the colder I get??!!!


Today I did it around 6pm, I thought a lil in the area couuld work, so i left partial of my window open for some light. I waited and waited, and all i got was that tingly sensetion, (shouldn't anlges or good spirits make you feel warmer?!!!), I thought they should. but then, in the end, I always end up crying and doubting that they exist, also, I blame them for even being called "MY" angles, cause they really dont come through to me?


singes that I noticed on today's sesion was that I saw a very sharp red dot flouted from my upper left eye and was heading down, then I opened my eyes...? didn't see anything lol


does anyone has any suggest of whats going one?




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