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Am i being ridiculous?


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Heya long story short, im 18 girlfriends 16 almost 17. (Yes legal)


Anyways Im the only person shes ever had sex with, shes done stuff past makeing out with 1 other person, and we've been going out for about 5 months now.


Im coming to the point where im starting to feel as if im loving her. Iv been in a year and a half relationship before and i got cheated on, which i found out about so since then iv always been tripping.


Shes a very good looking girl, popular, cheerleader etc.

Never cheated before that i know of etc, however i always worry randomly that it will happen.


(Her mom was an alcholohic, and her mom Cheated on her dad before they left. So one of her reasons why she'd never ever do it, is because she saw how much it hurt her dad, its one of the only times shes ever seen him cry)


I didn't ask that she just sort of told me once, because her mom called her one time and it came up.


Now like normally id be like what ever theres nothing i can do, if it happens it happens, but should i be worried at all?


Like to me im a little less worried because the fact she seems so emotional over her mom doing it to her dad, so im like i can't see why she'd do that unless i treated her terrible which is not the case.

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from what ive learned in my relationships, thinking about it, worrying about it and being paranoid about it will only cause it to happen. live in the moment. from how youve described your girlfriend she seems very loyal and caring. its called the "law of attraction" if you think its going to happen then most likely it will. so be positive and trust your girlfriend. get the negative thoughts out of your head and be happy with the great relationship youve had. cheating isnt hereditary so dont worry about that.

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hah alright.


Ya i didn't think it was heriditory, but just like personality is similar to parents but she seemed to see it negative so i was like why would she do it then.


Anyways i just tend to have negative thoughts and my ocd overpowers me.


Thanks thought

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Why don't you talk to her about your insecurities. Tell her about what happened to you in the past and then be honest about how you are feeling. It might make you feel better to have it in the open. It also might make her feel better. My guess is that she can tell something is bothering you.

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