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this is a short one. Slept with a girl i'd known for a few years and we were supposed to be seeing how things went. A few things happened that made her change her mind soon after and she was just out of a long term relationship and I have stuff to deal with too.


Where I am looking for advice is on my facebook page as we are friends. I find myself always looking what she is up to or commenting on her thoughts and I seem to be the one mostly initiating this. I am not stopping doing things in my life but, I find myself constantly thinking about her as I have always liked her. Now i wont delete her off facebook as there is no need but, any advice on how to stop this as i feel that it isnt good for me.


I know that when someone says its bad timing so we should just be friends means she wasn't that into it anyway and it was probably a one off as sh was getting over a big love. I can accept that but i obviously really wanted it and want to stop becoming obsessive over it.


Any ideas?

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Actually, tell her that you'd like to temporarily take a break from her facebook connection, for healthy reasons, etc. Then delete her.


You can add her back later when you're healthy.


How could she be upset if you tell it like it is?


The power of the internet is not minor thing, free yourself.

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