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Advice PLease snob?


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I go to see my boyfriend at a nightclub when I get a chance, not very often Keep in mind that I want to see/support him but none of my friends are really into the bar crowd and I dont blame them) I am usually left with only the groups members girlfriends that I know They are very cliquy as they are all related in some way, (inlaws, cousins, childhood friends) and I am pretty much excluded from all of their conversations. Ive tried a few things over time to break the ice so to speak, including buying rounds of drinks (some of them have refused a drink telling me they dont want to feel as they owe me) or just didnt drink it and have told me they dont like it (when I have seen them drinking the same drink not half hour earlier). Ive won a party for 12 people on the radio complete with food and etc and though to inviting all of them, instead of my friends again to be friendly and having to pay for myself mind you as there was an uneven number, they ended up sitting in their own little group talking again and I was off to the side or talking to the group members (who I do get along with). Anyways a few weeks ago, I decided to go out to watch again and got a table to sit at, soon after "they" arrived and sat at the table I had, I was chatting with them a bit until more of their frinds came and they were talking over me as some of them had to stand. I got up to get a drink and when I got back, one of them had sat in my chair, I looked at her and said excuse me but she completely ignored me so I went and sat at a newly empty table alone. They walked past me to get to the bar most of the night and completely ignored me again.My probalem is my boyfriend who says im antisocial and making him look bad becase all the girls get along with him and to visit me throughout the night, he has to go to my lonely table, away from all his friends, He says they see me as some sort of antisocial snob. Ive asked him to talk to them but he says there is nothing to talk about. Maybe I just dont know how to make friends? Is it bad for me to sit by myself to watch them? What do you think?

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Thanks so much for all your input, I was really starting to think that perhaps there is something wrong with me. Although I really dont know why it just seems to be this group I cant get along with. We are all in our upper 30s. I really dont have problems making friends anywhere else (work, volunteer etc)

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