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What do you do when you can't tell.


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Hi. I can't make up my mind about this guy on a dating site. His photo is not really bad but it's not really good either. He has several photos and seems alright..but that's just it - just alright. The emails he sent were good..But based on his photos, I think that I might not be attracted to him --what do I do? I haven't sent him a message in 3-4 days now and he's probably lost interest or hope. Should I meet with him anyways? Usually, I can tell if I am interested or not but this guy..is tough..he's also 9 years older than me..which is a turn off..I feel shallow saying this but his looks don't really attract me...and I have a hard time telling if I'll be physically attracted to him or not.


What should I do?

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my approach is i would talk and go out on a first date with anyone that i consider to be average or better. average for everyone is different but just someone who is nice looking is my vague definition.


pictures are deceiving and i find a lot of people i meet are better looking in person, and it can't hurt to go out and meet someone new right?


obviously someone who is average won't have that much of a chance for a 2nd date but at i figure at least i give it a shot.

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Meet him if you want to. Not like it's serious. You won't know for sure until you go see him for yourself, in person.

If you're not physically attracted to him, just tell him you want to be friends or cut off communication with him. It's not fair for both of you if you keep dragging him along for nothing. Looks aren't number one, but it's important to be attracted to someone, or you just won't be completely happy and it'll eventually end anyway.

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Same boat here... Suppose to be meet up w/a girl in the next couple days and I just breezed through her profile again and a couple pics have me feeling kinda eh so-so..

Ive invested a couple weeks of contact w/her and my idea tomeet... Its only drinks so if things dont seem better in real life, down goes the drink and move along...

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Thanks for asking but no, we have not met yet. We continued to exchange emails up until a day ago. He asked me if I was doing anything for this weekend and I replied "I don't have anything planned yet , how bout you" and he wrote back he had a bday party to attend to but other than that nothing much. So I wrote back and asked for a meeting over coffee sometime this weekend--he hasn't responded. So I'm assuming he just doesn't care enough to reschedule or get back to me to let me know he can't make it --now I REALLY don't have interest in meeting him at all.


So off to the next guy.


What I learn - if he's average to you, just give it a chance..and make sure while meeting that you are attracted to them...if not, then yeah, move on.

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