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Im gonna call her today


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and I have the whole conversation semi planned out..or rather what im going to ask...but. What should i say if her voice mail comes up? Should i ask her if she wants to get together on the day and time i have in mind or should i just tell her to call me back??


Whats the best approach?



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Maybe you could give her a Text and ask if it's a good time to call her?


If she says yes, then call her. If not, wait 'til another time to call her up.


I hate talking to "machines," 'cause it's a 1-way street, and I feel awkward (unless it's someone I'm really familiar with). That leads to "weird" messages left by me.

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yea i called her last night and got her voicemail so i left a message just saying hi so and so its *name* guess your not around, ill try again later, call me back


you said both? should have just said for her to call you when she gets a chance, not that you will call her again later.

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haha well it was by accident that i said call me back..i was like "crap" after i hung up..


and im keeping the ball in my court because saying call me back basically puts her in control and has me waiting for her to call back


but its already been a day and she has not called back so either im just gonna wait a couple of days and invite her to go clubbin again on thursday or not text/call at all


what do you guys think

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