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Guide about how to fail - How yesterday went wrong


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Well since I've been missing some friend since quiet a long time, I decided to go with him on a prom night with his gf. At first I tought it would become very boring since I didn't know anyone but after some time I started talking to their friends etc ...


At some part of the night, I have this glowstich stuck around my arm. I tried to get it off with my teeth but the whole thing exploded in my face. Since it's full of green glowing goo, my teeth were all fluo green ! This ackward situation gave me, in an unexpected way, the attention of a group of girls dancing behind me. 2 of them helped me to clean the goo ( I had some on my face aswell ).


We laughed and the conversation was initiated. After a while, they both started dancing with me.


Problem 1: It's way too loud in there, I could catch half of what she said and I felt like coming over as retarded. She had to say everything 3-4 times before I understood.


Problem 2: I grabbed her hand and her hip and we started dancing but it didn't feel like if we were in the move. A bit like if we were both new at dancing. We smiled alot but I didn't feel comfortable dancing with her


Problem 3: Suddenly, they play some slow music. Her friend grabs me slow together but I saw her sitting on the side ... I guess I should have danced with her instead. Did I came over as playerish ?


Problem 4: I go sit next to her and her friend and we talk for a bit, and I can't understand most of what she says but she puts her arm on my shoulders. I put my arm around her hip and continue talking to her, asking her name and such


Problem 5: She holds on my tie and pulls my face towards her while dancing. No reaction from me.


Problem 6: She puts on my tie and gives me that smile.


problem 7: She goes away with my tie, maybe I hint that I should've been following her ? I stood there like an iidiot ...


Problem 8: After 15 minutes she comes back, put the tie around my head and leaves the party




Conclusion: Ultimate failure ! I think that because I am not used to getting that much attention, I don't know how to react to it at all. My friends laughed at me because they said I litterlay had them and still failed. They were also putting alot of pressure on me when the saw I was dancing with them. I don't like that kind of pressure, I like to take my time.


This isn't the first time this happens to me. Usually it's girls coming up to me instead of me coming up to them but I am clueless about how to react ! I just don't know what to do, maybe am not someone that is supposed to "flirt" at parties ? I rather talk to them in a pub or something like that

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Not a failure at all. You learned to carry around some glowsticks and explode one on you as an attractant You can apply this principle to other things as well.


You got a girl attracted, don't worry about the missed immediate opportunity, learn from it for next time. Don't run following a girl around just because she flirts, give her a breadcrumb of encouragement and she will reciprocate, escalate gradually. Make her do some of the flirting work, she wants to do that, and it makes her feel good. Your reaction was likely better than if you started blindly following her around.


Take the positive reinforcement you received and go out and approach several women fueled by it. Plan in advance to ask for numbers.


Imagine if you had blown up the glowstick all over some strange girl's dress and she started crying, her male friends/suitors then come up and ask you who the hell you think you are. A fight ensues, the cops come, and you are typing this thread from a computer in the jail library. Now THAT would have been a failure.

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