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Well heres the deal, i have this one girl that wants to "hook-up" *what we call it where i live* and needed some advice seeing that this would be my first time. Also, we are not bf/gf we are just looking to have fun.


I need a good spot where we could you know hang-out and make-out(haha). Parents do let girls come over and chill so that isnt a problem.


My touge is short, i can barely stick it straight out of my mouth and wondering if this would be a problem. Also, during the summer i am getting my wisdom teeth pulled(sucks) and was wondering if i could ask the mouth surgeon to snip that thing that connects the tongue to the bottom of your mouth. Would this cost alot?


Next i got the whole, kiss a girl like you would anyone then slowly put your tongue against their lips to see if they want to makeout down. Its just in their mouth is the tricky part to me. Wat do i do?!?!?! Do i do figure 8's, move is just random direction or what!


The sucky thing is, she has madeout with guys before me so its not like she's never done it. I just dont want to look dumb and have her think weird of me and tell peope


Lastly, where should i place my hand

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Follow her lead. That's how I learned when I first started actually kissing guys. As for your hands, that's really up to you. Maybe start off holding one of her hands or rubbing it, or rubbing her back or arm or leg, anything really. Just keep them in motion.


And, don't think too hard about it. It isn't supposed to cause great mental angst. Focus on the feels and the sensations and just enjoy it. Take your time, too. Making out is fun!

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